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Building on simplicity

iBinder has emerged from a need for simplification.

Any effective project management system needs its users to understand and want to use the system. This, in turn, comes down to simplicity. It has to be easy to do the right thing and find the right thing. And inversely, it has to be hard to make errors. This is why we started with the best, most well-tried model: the ring binder.

iBinder imitates the project binder’s design and is based on its same simple, intuitive logic. Our starting point was document management for the construction industry, since this is where the most complex and complicated projects take place. A system that can deal with the needs of the construction industry can handle every other industry just as well.

Record growth

We, the people behind iBinder, have backgrounds in the construction industry - an industry where, in addition to complex projects, we share a code of honour that tells us not to be over-confident. That is why we humbly present the following facts:

  • The number of our active users grows every year with 15 % to 20% since 2010.
  • Our clients start twice as many new projects in our system than they did the same day a year before.
  • Sweden, Denmark and Norway were all launched with the same positive progress, and new launches are on their way.
  • Our turnover has grown in line with our market share.

What’s interesting with these facts is not what they do for our pride, but what they do for you. It is a guarantee of the principle: Simple usage = Guaranteed usage = Guaranteed success.

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