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Through the acquisition of Byggnet, iBinder becomes a leading Nordic digital platform for efficient information management and collaboration in the construction and real estate industry. Every year, a total of 3,000 customers use the companies' solutions to efficiently run and quality assure projects. In total, the companies have managed over 70,000 projects in 8 countries.

Digitalization in construction and property management is in full swing. The entire market is starting to focus on a more digitalized process, creating opportunities to adapt collaboration and communication down to the individual level. By developing and providing easy-to-use information management and collaboration solutions through all of the life cycles of a property, iBinder is playing a central role in this transformation.

In light of increasing demands for digitalization, profitability, and sustainability, more and more companies in the construction and real estate industry see the importance of digitalizing the entire process and the flow of information – from planning to management.

“We can help customers by providing easy-to-understand but powerful digital tools. With the acquisition of Byggnet, we want to be able to reach out to even more customers, accelerate development and meet the growing demands on the market," says Per Hedebäck, President and CEO at iBinder Group.

The industry often faces system choices that require significant investments in both time and money with one or more suppliers – just to get off the ground. By providing user-friendly solutions, iBinder lowers the digitalization threshold and offers customers an opportunity to achieve immediate savings.

“We see that customers face major challenges when trying to implement digital solutions. Therefore, solutions based on simplicity and with the user in mind are important. Our offer is aimed at all users in the construction process, which is a prerequisite for success with digitalization. For us to be successful, our customers must also be successful,” says Per Hedebäck, Managing Director and Group President of iBinder.

Byggnet's former owner, Arkitektkopia, will work with iBinder to develop the market and ensure good customer delivery. For Byggnet's existing users, the deal with iBinder means that Byggnet will have increased resources for product development to ensure the best possible customer experience in the future.

“The acquisition is strategically important for iBinder's continued growth, this will give us a completely new platform to build on for expansion both inside and outside Sweden. We are very pleased with this acquisition,” says Paul Fischbein, Chairman of the Board of iBinder.

iBinder’s acquisition of Byggnet was carried out at the end of April 2021.

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Email: per.hedeback@ibinder.com, Tel: +46 70-247 45 20

Next week you will be welcomed to the New iBinder when you log in to the service. We hope and think that you will appreciate everything new, and at the same time recognise yourself.

You’re always warmly welcomed to talk to the support for questions and guidance: support@ibinder.com

Soon we’ll have new features ready to be presented to you about how to work with inspections and case management in the new iBinder.

We look forward to a continued great time working together in the New iBinder.

2020 - A historical year both in our business and in the world is about to end. We would like to thank you and your collegues for letting us be part of your journey over the past year...

Together we have worked in approximately 30 000 active binders and are over 200 000 users all over Europe, taking major steps towards a more sustainable, safe and effective document handling process through a digital workflow. An Important step in the right direction towards a more sustainable construction business that is under an exciting change.

Thank You!

This fall we did a customer survey where we did a donation for each participation to Childhood Cancer Foundation in Sweden and their important work. We are both excited and thankful for your engagement and your feedback throughout the survey which has inspired us in the development of new function (soon to be released) and services in iBinder. We have a great knowledge among our employees, who gives you, our customers, a support in worldclass in the iBinder plattform which is easy to understand. This was something that you ackknowledged in your feedback and something we are very proud of. Together we build the Foundation for Collaboration.

In 2020 we received the certification of being a "Great Place To Work". This is also something we are very proud of! We believe that sustainability, inspiring workenviroment and health is key to our future development, growth and success.

2021 -New Year, New Possibilities and new functions

In January we will host a webinar were we will show you the new plattform for the first time- A plattform which provides you as a user with speed, many more features and the possibility to work from several units. Wherever you are, iBinder will be by your side.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
With Joy from

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Project: Municipal and private real estate projects, extensions, and industrial premises

Bluewall has many years of experience within contracting and construction services in the area of Jönköping in Sweden. To be able to focus on what they do best it requires that everything that can be done in a simple way to be streamlined and working properly.
We digitally met Daniel at Bluewall to see how their process in iBinder works.

Especially in the planning face of the construction project, there is a huge amount of information that is being sent and between instances and partners. To have all that information gathered in one specific place, in this case the binder, makes the overview easy to handle in the proper way. Also, it gives a better understanding of the content, and who has uploaded what, changes and who has taken part of it, which all makes the work a whole lot easier.

How do you work in the iBinder platform today?
We have used iBinder frequently especially in the planning and as a good tool during the project. It saves both time and resources to have a platform that many actors can work within simultaneously. You also make sure that everyone that is supposed to, receive the information.

Me, as a calculator and purchaser, spend much of my time on asking for offers from contractors and suppliers. In iBinder it is easy, I just create new procurement binders connected to the project instead of sending over each drawing and document manually.

No matter the level of technical expertise, the system is easy for everyone involved. Just like handling the classic ring binder.

Safe and secure
We know that the right information is received by the right person, all data protected and found in the binder.

Personal and well functional support
Quick responses that is understandable and client friendly. They understand that all of the users are not used to IT and they adjust the solutions to their capacity.

We at iBinder is happy to be part, as a helpful tool, on Bluewalls journey!

It is with great pleasure we can introduce you to our new website!

iBinder.com has been given a whole new look, yet it contains the same simplicity and practical functions as before. Change is a big thing, it takes time, but we promise you that this is just one step in the right direction on our common digital journey. We look forward sharing it with you.
Here are some of the functions you will find on the website:

Behind the binders here at iBinder we are currently working on creating a modern look, while keeping, improving and build new awesome features. Everything to simplify your everyday workflow and make all documentation simple and secure through every phase of the happy building lifecycle.

We keep Building on Simplicity; Yesterday, Today and for the future!
Stay Tuned for exciting news.

Best Regards,
Team iBinder

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