iBinder the company

iBinder is building on simplicity. We also believe in openness and generosity. We offer a relief from time-consuming paperwork and complicated information processing for construction managers, purchasers and real estate managers by cutting down the sources of error with an easy to use, cloud based document handling system. The user interface of iBinder looks like a traditional ring binder and it is just as easy to use. The most important advantage of using iBinder is that it can be learned intuitively and it allows the fastest information flow between the stakeholders around a building so everyone gets to be on the same page.

It is easier to use than a project management tool and avoids the mistakes of emailing thus fills the existing gap between these platforms.

iBinder has its headquarters in Sweden and we are currently searching for Master Franchisees in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Belgium, France and Germany.

The business proposition

The iBinder Concept will be established in each new market through a Master Franschisee with a proven business capacity, relevant experience and means to found the sought growth of business operations. The Master Franchisee will be responsible for establishing a limited company whose sole business will be the marketing, sales and support of the services based on the iBinder Concept. The Master Franchise Com¬pany will have the rights to appoint franchisees, establish own sales force and is obliged to set up a support organisation in the market territory. The operations and expansion of The Master Franchise Company should follow the agreed development plan and be conducted in strict adherence to the iBinder Concept to achive successful sales, satisfied customers and protection of the iBinder brand.

The Master Franchise offer includes:

o Exclusive rights to become a Master Franchisee for the specific territory
o The business model, know-how and accumulated experience of iBinder as set out in a comprehensive and detailed operational handbook (The Manual)
o Website and systems, the services in local language
o On-going development of the service and iBinder Concept
o Master Franchise Agreement for five years with an option to renew at the end of each term, at no cost for renewal.